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Dental Implants


Dental Implants in Palm Bay

Whether you are missing one or several teeth, we offer dental implants in Palm Bay to help quickly restore or improve your smile. Babcock Dental Center, LLC specializes in dental implants and can help you understand how they can improve your smile and your life. We can also advise you on the process, recovery expectations and how to preserve the results over time.

What to Expect from Dental Implants

Dental implants require more than one appointment, but the results are well worth the effort. Implants are designed to look and function like your natural teeth, which can provide a far more comfortable and enjoyable experience for the patient. Unlike full or partial dentures, dental implants offer long-term results and a completely natural appearance, so nobody will even know you have them!

The exact healing time and process for implants varies on a patient-by-patient basis, but in most cases the complete dental implant procedure includes the following steps:

  • A titanium material is implanted into the jawbone in place of the tooth's root. At this point, you can expect up to six months of healing.
  • Once the jawbone and gums have healed around the implant, an abutment is attached to the top of the implant.
  • A crown, dental implant or natural tooth-like replacement is placed over the abutment.
  • You can begin to care for your implants in the same manner as your natural teeth.

Porcelain Veneers in Palm Bay

Porcelain veneers can completely change the look and functionality of your teeth. Veneers are ideal for patients who have severely discolored, chipped, worn or crooked teeth.

The procedure involves attaching a paper-thin sheet of porcelain material to the front of the natural tooth. We will customize veneers to match the natural color and shape of your teeth for the most attractive results possible. Veneers require no extra care than your natural teeth and can provide long-lasting results.

Which Treatment Options Are Right for You?

Not every treatment is right for every patient, so you will need to speak with a dentist to determine which procedures are best for your needs, expectations and budget. The sooner you visit, the sooner you can begin making decisions regarding your dental health.

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